RTA: Support Clevelanders for Public Transit demands and Bill of Rights

On March 21st, 60 members of Clevelanders for Public Transit rallied outside of RTA Headquarters to support affordable, accessible, reliable, and equitable public transportation in Cuyahoga County. We delivered our demands to Greater Cleveland RTA and presented our Public Transit Bill of Rights, which outlines a vision for the future for public transporation in our communities.

Clevelanders with Public Transit will continue to build power with riders, labor, and community allies to fight for this vision of public tranportation in Cuyahoga County. We need your help to spread our demands and Bill of Rights to the RTA Board, as well as your State Legislators. Will you send a letter to RTA Board and your State Senator and Representative asking them to support or endorse Clevelanders for Public Transit's demands and Public Transit Bill of Rights?

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